In this column: a/t = assess./treat., DC = disorderly conduct, BJ = bail jumping, CDTP = criminal damage to property, OAR = operating after revocation.

William F. Wozniczka, 31, Wausau, party to the crime of theft, 2 yrs probation, 90 days jail, $8,270 restitution, apology letter to victim; fogery, 3 yrs probation.

Joshua A. Peterson, 27, Merrill, OWI 3rd, $1231 fine, AODA, 24 mos drivers license revocation, 30 days jail.

Bradley A. Brown, 34, Merrill, 3rd degree sexual assault, 2yrs prison/2 yrs extended supervision; sex registry violation, 2 yrs prison/2yrs extended supervision (concurrent).

Sean P. Oliver, 21, Merrill, DC & sex with child over age 16, 2 yrs probation, 6 mos jail.

Douglas L. Bredlau, 29, Stevens Point, possess marijuana, $250 fine.

David C. Stefanich, 37, Summit Lake, OAR, $325 fine.

Arlyn C. Schade, 42, Tomahawk, DC, $100 fine, no contact w/victim.

Charissa A. Laufenberg, 30, Wausau, forgery, 12 mos probation, $400 restitution to bank, $100 fine.

Craig S. Nance, 44, Merrill, theft, 12 mos probation, $1108 restitution.

Gavin L. Gould, 27, Wausau, DC, $250 fine.

Jordan J. Hoff, 21, Tomahawk, possess drug paraphernalia, 12 mos probation, $250 fine.

Robert A. Vandewege, 46, Merrill, possess controlled substance, 12 mos probation, $250 fine, AODA.

Kyle L. S. Anderson, 20, Merrill, CDTP, 12 mos probation, $100 fine.

Michael R. Eckendorf, 29, West Allis, possess controlled substance, 12 mos probation.

Jeremy A. Barr, 31, Tomahawk, DC, $250 fine, 5 days jail.

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