Letters to the Editor

To the Editor:

On May 15th, my 15-year-old daughter had a stroke. I found her lying on the floor in the living room that Saturday morning. When I asked her what was wrong she told me that she had gotten a severe headache and fell out of the chair. I was about 90 % sure at that point as to what had happened to her. 911 was called and she was taken to Good Samaritan and then later life flighted to Saint Joseph’s in Marshfield. Caitlyn was one of the lucky children that this happens to. In doing research and speaking to doctors I have found out that many children that have this type of stroke either die or are severely disabled either physically or mentally. The main reasons for this are because either they are not found in time or caregivers do not know the symptoms of a stroke. We were lucky; I found her within a few minutes of her falling and I knew the symptoms of a stroke. In speaking with people I have found that many people do not know that, first children have strokes ( I admit that I never really realized this myself) and, second, do not know the symptoms. We found this out the hard way and now I urge parents and caregivers to learn the symptoms. Also please remember time is brain. The sooner the person is helped, the better the prognosis. With Caitlyn, 15 % of her brain was damaged, but I am happy to report that today she is doing very well. She is the same sweet happy girl that she always was. Unless you live with her you would probably not even know that she had a stroke. She is a miracle, this is what her doctors call her. Sometimes we have to help for miracles to occur. I sincerely hope that everyone that reads this letter will do their part, perhaps you too will be a part of another miracle.

My husband and myself wish to thank everyone that helped us in any way during Caitlyn’s recovery. First to the 911 dispatcher and the first responders. you guys truly were wonderful and helpful (and to the lady police officer, thank you for stopping me at work. I was so glad that you approached me and asked how she was.) To all of her medical caregivers here at Good Sam and later at St. Joseph’s and the Spirit helicopter, we couldn’t have asked for better care for her. We will never forget any of you and I thank God every day for you. To our friends and neighbors you guys are truly angels. Your love and support was what got us through it all. To my Walmart family, I always knew I worked with a great bunch of people, but what you guys did was just above and beyond all of my expectations. And to the people of Merrill that supported the brat fry at Walmart, got Caity on their prayer chains, who offered support and well wishes, and anything else that may have been done, thank you for everything. We truly appreciate each and every one of you. All of you were a part of our miracle, may God bless all of you.

Jay and Debbie



Dear Editor:

Merrill High School homecoming festivities have begun with many activities happening all week long at school and culminating with a fun and perhaps exciting weekend. Along with the Powder Puff game, the school activities, the bonfire, the football game and the homecoming dance, there are many opportunities to celebrate with friends.

This is a good time to draw attention to the billboards and ads seen around Merrill regarding the positive things that our Merrill students and parents believe in and stand for. The Merrill Social norms surveys that have been conducted recently show that Merrill students do make the right choices and the majority of our students do the “right thing” when it comes to not involving themselves in alcohol and drug use.

Students need to ask themselves when considering whether or not to participate in alcohol use during these homecoming activities- “Is it safe?… Is it legal?… Would my parents approve?”

Parents need to remember that most parents in Merrill believe that hosting or allowing an underage drinking party is wrong. Don’t feel compelled to allow underage drinking because you think other parents do.

I’m confident that the majority of our students will make the right choices and we can all have fun and celebrate the successes of Merrill High School, especially during homecoming!

Ken Neff


Dear Fellow American Friends,

This belated message goes out to all of you patriotic Americans who attended our Honor America Rally last month, and to those who could not be there with us, but nonetheless called with good wishes and encouragement. it was a pleasure talking with so many like minded citizens, and it did our hearts good to realize that we are not the minority striving to be heard, but the majority who have finally found our voices and will not be silenced again.

As a nation, we have strayed a very long way from our original prescripts, so taking our country back is going to be slow, arduous work. Firest we need to search our own hearts. When they are clean, then we need to begin the process of retaking control of the other areas of our lives and responsibilities. As individuals and communities, we most stand shoulder to shoulder against all levels of intrusive government bureaucracies, always keeping our Constitution and our Bill of Rights before us, like a bright light on the horizon. As true Americans have always done, we will do what is necessary because the real America, as it was designed to be, is the last stop on the Freedom Train. As we go, so goes the rest of the world. May Divine Providence remain with us.

And to the one, lone detractor I was told took exception to the power of “We the people”… this is America. Our rally was a day of sharing the truth. Our letter was an invitation to that event. You were not forced to attend, or even listen to our concerns. If our belief in the truth offends you because you prefer to believe something else, don’t read our letters. We didn’t read yours.

The Wilders


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