Hatchets roar back with a vengeance

The September 2 loss to Mosinee stuck in the craw of the Hatchet volleyball team, so the girls took it out on all foes last week.
Tomahawk got back on a winning GNC track with Tuesday’s 25-15, 25-12, 25-23 triumph at Antigo, then cruised to a 5-0 match record in Saturday’s DeForest Invite, never losing a single game.
Tomahawk improved to 1-1 in the GNC and 17-4 overall.
“As a team we were able to score in transition, and that’s something we haven’t been able to do yet this season,” THS coach Jen Pfannerstill said. “We had better ball control and were more consistent in blocking. We also served aggressively all day, and that made a huge difference in the other team’s ability to attack.
“The girls seemed to feel more comfortable with each other than they had been and were pretty confident throughout the afternoon. It was a good step forward.”
The Hatchets handled pool opponents LaCrosse Central (25-17, 25-15), Madison East (25-7, 25-10) and DeForest (25-20, 25-17). In crossover play, they knocked off McFarland 25-5, 25-15, then took down the championship with a 25-16, 25-16 victory over River Valley, ranked #10 in the state coaches’ poll.
Boosting Tomahawk were: Kaitlin Doughty (35 k, 12 ac, 16 d); Sydney Lakatos (24 k, 8 ac, 3 as, 17 d, 2 bl); Kellan Flynn (19 k, 10 ac, 3 d, 14 bl); Anna Sudbury (19 k, 49 as, 3 ac, 5 d, 3 bl); Kaylyn Olson (15 k, 4ac, 59 as, 5 d); Jenna Otterholt (37 d); Kayli Ogstad (10 k, 3 bl); Maddie Garrison (7 d); Kelsey Paramore (3 d); Emma Wurl (3 d).
Red Robin roll
Tomahawk kicked off its 13-game streak with the Antigo sweep.
“After (the Mosinee) loss we showed a lot of character coming back to win soundly,” Pfannerstill said. “We needed to get back on the court to right the ship and we did that. There was a different energy on the court, one of confidence not panic. We did a good job blocking, which is key, and served very aggressively. We were more in control of the ball tonight and were the aggressor. It was fun again.”
Contributions came from: Doughty (8 k, 9 ac, 5 d); Lakatos (9 k, 14 d, 2 bl); Olson (3 k, 18 as, 4 ac, 5 d); Sudbury (5 k, 8 as, 5 bl); Flynn (3 k, 7 bl); Otterholt (10 d); Ogstad (2 bl).

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