BoE president invites area residents to develop sex ed curriculum

Residents of MAPS:
As a result of State of Wisconsin mandated new requirements for Human, Growth and Development (HG&D) curriculum (otherwise known as Sex Ed), and subsequent school board action to continue to offer HG&D classes within MAPS, we are forming a new committee charged with modifying our current HG&D curriculum to meet the new state standards. The committee will be composed of the following:
Keith Schmelling – School Board Vice President (HG&D Committee Chair)
Meredith Prebeg – School Board Treasurer (standing Board HG&D committee member)
William Jaeger – School Board member at large
One district administrator – Dr. John Sample
One health care professional (recommended by State Statute) – TBD
One member of local clergy (recommended by State Statute) – TBD
One student (male) – TBD
One student (female) – TBD
Six local community members at large – TBD
MAPS Health Teachers and Curriculum Director to serve as advisory members
The MAPS Board of Education is currently accepting applications for the TBD (to be determined) positions. If you are interested in serving on this committee, please send your name and contact information, along with a brief paragraph describing how you believe you can help establish our new HG&D curriculum to:
Mr. Keith Schmelling, Committee Chair
1111 N Sales Street
Merrill, WI 54452
The deadline for receiving applications is Wednesday, September 29th. The board members assigned to this committee will be conducting brief interviews with select candidates during the first two weeks of October to assure that a balanced cross section of views are represented. The Board will not interview any candidate currently affiliated with formal organizations at either end of the ideological spectrum of this issue, or stand to profit from a change in curriculum. Our target is to have the committee in place by October 15th and recommendations to the Board of Education by early December, 2010.
This is a critical committee as we still have significant local control of what goes into our HG&D curriculum, and more importantly, how it is taught.

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