Scholz named new administrative coordinator

After a one month delay, the Lincoln County Board of Supervisors voted to confirm Randy Scholz as the new County Administrative coordinator by a 15-6 vote at their regular meeting last Tuesday.

Scholz, who has served as the highway commissioner for the past seven years and worked in the highway department since 1996, will replace Tim Meehean. Meehean has been serving as an interim coordinator while also holding down his regular position as administrator of Pine Crest Nursing Home. After a period of time where he will be showing Scholz the duties of his new office, Meehean will return to his old position.

The vote on Scholz’s appointment was delayed from the July meeting so the Administrative and Legislative as well as Personnel committees could weigh in on it. There was little discussion on the resolution.

Scholz will serve only as the administrative coordinator. The Highway Committee will determine the process it intends to use to fill the soon-to-be vacant commissioner position at its next regular meeting Sept. 2 at the Department’s Merrill offices.

Meehean was paid $83,450 for serving in both roles while Scholz will be paid $71,552 to serve as coordinator.

The board also voted to reappoint Bill Zeitz to the Board of Health in a 12-9 election with Bob Weaver being the other nominee for the vacant position.

The supervisors also voted 17-4 on a pair of resolutions authorizing the sale of promissory notes to cover the cost of the expansion and renovation of the courthouse. The total amount borrowed in the two sales was $2,700,000.

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