Merrill Police Department

Aug. 7

1:57 a.m. – vehicle pulled over on S. Foster St., driver arrested for OWI & possession of controlled substance.

Aug. 8

Traffic lights at 3rd St. & Center Ave. not working, believed struck by lightning, needed new controller, fixed next day.

Theft of iPod & GPS unit from vehicle parked on S. Scott St. overnight.

Aug. 9

12:54 p.m.- male juvenile seen throwing a bicycle over the bridge into the Prairie River on Polk St., boy admitted he had stolen the bike, officers used a grappling hook to retrieve the bike & returned it to the owner.

Aug. 11

9:15 a.m.- 3 juveniles caught looking into vehicles in an Ohio St. parking lot, no stolen items found on them, one of the suspects gave a false name to officers & was cited for obstructing.

6:37 p.m.- female cited for two counts of theft & underage drinking after she was found to have attempted to steal a hat from a vendor on E. Main St. during Crazy Daze & stole two sodas from another vendor. She had been drinking alcohol before officers made contact with her.

Aug. 12

A truck tire was slashed while the vehicle was parked on S. Foster St.

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