8-18-10 Letters to the Editor


Merrill Firefighters would like to take the time to make a correction to last week’s letter to the editor. The information in our letter was accurate with the exception that the gentleman that recently accompanied the major to the Antigo Fire Department was not Police and Fire Commissioner Kurt Helmstadter. We apologize for the mis-identification and would like to thank all of those who have expressed their support of fire department issues.

Members of the Merrill Fire Department

Dear Editor,

I am sick of hearing that the Merrill Fire Department employees make too much money. Define too much money! When someone you love has a heart attack who do you call? When there is an accident, who shows up? EMTs. Maybe the people who think this way don’t need to call 911 or have an EMT show up at their accident scene. The lives of my children or any child in my care is priceless! I am glad the fire department is there for me and my family.

Angel Sholund


Lincoln County Citizens,

As campaign signs are emerging on lawns and private property of candidate supporters, you may not gain much insight as to who these candidates are and what they stand for, if you don’t already know them.

I support Jeff Jaeger for Sheriff both personally and professionally and I want to share with you the reasons for my strong commitment to Jeff Jaeger. Jeff is seeking a second term as Lincoln County’s Sheriff as many of you know. Jeff has numerous attributes he brings to the office of the Sheriff; he has a passion for upholding the Constitution and the rights of the American people, while he provides an inspiration of leadership and professionalism for future Sheriffs and Deputy Sheriffs serving this community. Jeff has developed interdepartmental relations and community partners which have led to an unprecedented increase in drug and other criminal arrests.

Sheriff Jaeger has focused on our agency, both from a fiscal stand point and how that impacts our community, along with the overall efficiency of agency operations, with an emphasis on maintaining a safe community and providing a reliable and honorable service to the citizens of Lincoln County.

It is without reservation that I commend Sheriff Jeff Jaeger for his decision to continue to provide this outstanding service as Lincoln County’s Sheriff and for the professional agency that he continues to develop. Thank you Jeff for your persistence, courage and sincerity in helping us become who we are!

Vote Jeff Jaeger for Lincoln County Sheriff.

Nathan Walrath


Dear Friends of America.

Many of us feel dazed and alone as we look around ourselves, unable to stop (alone) the dismantling of our American way of life. Unwilling to let go of our God given freedoms, we nonetheless stand helplessly by (usually alone), watching our rights being systematically, and legally, stolen from us.

But the truth, and our strength, is that we are not alone. This country is filled with like-minded freedom lovers who are willing to stand for what we believe. But standing side by side is much more effective than standing alone. It is time to prove to ourselves, and to the rest of the watching world, that we will not sit on the sidelines, wringing our hands in fear and hopelessness, silently watching a few radicals take over every aspect of our personal lives, We are the majority, not the minority, and it’s time we let them know that we are aware of that fact.

Many of us aren’t able to attend Glenn Beck’s Restoring Honor Rally in Washington, D.C. on Aug. 28, but we can have our own rally right here in Merrill. This is not about politics. It is about restoring our country to what it was before the progressives decided a few generations back that they didn’t like it. Well, we do! So please join us at our home at 1308 E. Sixth St. from 9 a.m. to noon on that Saturday morning. Gather with us to honor America, its principles, and its people. The very people who, for more than 2 1/2 centuries, through good times and bad, have continued to keep America the greatest country in the world. Especially, we want to honor those who have given, and continue to give, so much for all of us… our military, past and present, and our police, fire fighters, and EMTs. Wear your uniforms. We want to “salute” you. Bring your children for a time of sharing ideas and hopes and prayers. As we get acquainted, we may find some meaningful answers concerning our country’s destination and the path it must travel to get there. We might even find among us the next George Washington, waiting to help this country back onto its feet after years of being slapped to our knees by the progressive King Georges now in control.

Call us at 715-722-0275 with any questions, or just drop in and join us. If only one of you comes to our gathering, welcome, we look forward to meeting you. If dozens, or even hundreds, are as anxious to make an impact on history as we are, God bless you all and bring lawn chairs, water and umbrellas. We’re only two blocks from the park, so if we overflow our back yard, we can have an impromptu parade. Aug. 29, 9 a.m., see you then.

The Wilders



I would like to take the opportunity to thank everyone who helped with the Merrill Fire Department’s 2010 Allan Soward Memorial Softball Tournament this past weekend at Ott’s Park. In particular, I would like to thank the past and present members of the fire department who supported this annual Merrill tradition. There is no way one person could tackle all the work that it takes to run such a positive and enjoyable fundraiser. Scott Krause, Jason Wyland and Dave Graveen have been instrumental in organizing the concessions and raffle prizes for years now. In addition, I would like to thank the family and spouses, especially my wife Megan, who may be behind the scenes at times while we volunteer our time to the MDA cause. Over the past 31 years, Merrill Firefighters have donated over $360,000 on behalf of the Merrill community to the Muscular Dystrophy Association. Besides Merrill Fire Department personnel, I would like to mention a few others who have helped so much: Pat and Don Soward, Merrill Park & Rec., Schneider Distributing, the Wenzlicks, Dave Anderson, Jeremy Kleinschmidt, Chris Simon and Julie Koss. Those are just some of the many people who went above and beyond the call of duty in helping us out. Finally, I want to thank Merrill area residents and alumni who come down to the park each year and make the first weekend in August a fun time to support charity. We hope to see everyone back next year. On an unfortunate note, I do have to mention that someone stole about half the empty aluminum cans from our trailer Sunday night and my softball bag with a bat, spikes, and a couple gloves after the tournament. Whoever it is please feel free to drop it off a the fire station.

Joshua Klug



My name is Dave Kirmsee and I am running as a WRITE IN candidate for Sheriff of Lincoln County in an effort to improve our community. I am running this political race because I believe that we can control the spending from within the Sheriff’s Department budget and we are in desperate need of better community relations. I will not stoop to the level of mud slinging to get this position. Who we know and who we are related to will not fix the problems within the community. It is what we know and how we plan on implementing the improvements. I believe in some cases people deserve a second chance to become a productive member in the community. It is ultimately up to each of those people to do what is right. With that being said my promise to the community is that if elected I will not take a raise for the first four year term. this money will be put back into the community where I feel it is needed the most. I will bring back office hours in Harrison and Tomahawk so residents can visit the Sheriff locally.

I have a deep seated passion for community service as I have served in many ways throughout my whole life. I started as a Boy Scout during my younger years where I learned values and what it means to be an active person within the community. I progressed to military service as I served 6 years in the National Guard as a Military Police Unit. I obtained my Associate degree in Criminal Justice and other certifications as a volunteer EMT and Firefighter in my home town. I served this area for approximately 13 years in combination as an EMT, Firefighter, and police officer.

I currently have over 20 years of combined experience in law enforcement with 2 years as a sergeant and 4 years as a Chief of Police. I obtained my supervisory experience while working for the Geneva Lake Law Enforcement Agency. As chief of this agency, I supervised 15 employees which included a sergeant and one secretary. I was responsible for the yearly budgeting, equipment/maintenance, hiring, managing day to day operations, community relations and disciplinary actions, etc.

I am a younger administrator with a fresh proactive management style, which seemed to be quite productive within that department. I am community oriented and lead by example with special emphasis on education. I have grown up in a small town and have worked for smaller jurisdictions until being hired at the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Department. I am familiar with the life style in a small town atmosphere particularly that of this area.

I have several ideas on ways to change the current spending within the Sheriff’s Department that could save the county and its citizens a lot of money in the overall budget. I will also improve on response times and bring together the Sheriff’s Department and the community through the use of community action programs. Remember if we work together we can improve our community.

Dave Kirmsee



This is in response to the alleged “discrimination” that Public Property Committee Chairman James Alber continually accuses the Fair Board of conducting. As a former member of the Fair Board, I resent the insinuation by Alber that this matter involving Grecian Delight is a case of discrimination. At no time has there EVER been any discrimination and the Fair Board’s decision not to offer a contract to Grecian Delight was simply a contractual matter. I am the Fair Board member who made the motion, not once but twice, to not offer a contract to the Grecian Delight. My reason for this is simple; I refused to have to deal with the rule breaking and contract violations. One former Fair Board member stated in a Public Property Committee meeting that when he was on the Board it was not unusual to have to make contact with the Grecian Delight stand numerous times a day, every day of the Fair. How many employers would keep an employee around that you have to constantly correct or make sure they were following directions like every other employee? I don’t believe there would be one.

The Fair Board has offered numerous papers to back up our decision as well as letters from other area Fairs that document the SAME issues with the Grecian Delight stand that their Fairs. Why is it that after this is all submitted, we still are being accused of discriminating? I think that if there is any discrimination going on it is against the Fair Board. At no time has the Fair Board been able to present their case in front of the entire County Board. They have been on the agendas for several meetings only to be taken off days prior or the Public Property Committee would avoid the main issues by advising the County Board that they were making progress and again not allow the Fair Board to speak. When the Fair Board would attend the Public Property Committee meetings, the Fair Board would be badgered, chastised and called names by the Committee Chair Alber. I have audio recordings to show this. And thanks to Alber and his name calling and insinuating, I have been called a racist while on the job. That is entirely on Alber and the Public Property Committee.

What the Public Property Committee and the owner of the Grecian Delight and his associates have done was destroy the reputation and the enjoyment of the fair. The Fair Board consists of people that have given up their time to produce a quality product in order to show off the best of Lincoln County. And they did this for the community. Some of those members have been doing this for almost 15 years. That is month after month, year after year of planning and taking away from the family in order to do this. I can remember putting in 20 hours days during the Fair and I’m not the only one that gave the time. All of this to be treated like dirt by the Public Property Committee. The last meeting during the fair, I attempted to clarify a mistake on a committee member’s part and was told by Alber to “shut your damn mouth” and that I was not allowed to speak in his meeting. This was a public meeting to boot. These are the same people that in a recent article complained about the lack of democracy in the meetings yet will not allow people to speak in their meetings. The Public Property Committee needs to do some review of their own. They worry about claims that could be brought up by the Grecian Delight, but ignore that what they have been doing to the Fair Board and its members can be considered defamation.

The Fair Board does not deserve to be treated like dirt and I for one will stand by them till the end. I stand by the choice made and will not waiver. ALL stands on the grounds have to follow rules; why is it that one is exempt? Isn’t that then a kind of discrimination to the other stands like the VFW, St. John and Optimists just to name a few? I feel that instead of the Fair Board being asked to go to Conflict Resolution Training, it should be the Public Property Committee along with maybe an anger management class or two. The days of pounding the fists on the table, swearing, name calling and yelling have to stop and actually treat people with respect. The members of the Fair Board are among the finest most dedicated people I know. But to deal with this situation and to be treated the way they have been is not worth it. They are all volunteers being told by a group of people that haven’t a single clue as to how a fair works, how to run a fair. What’s next?

Brad Becker


Letter to the Editor,

As election time draws near I notice numerous signs popping up throughout the community. I have taken interest in one position in particular and that is for the Lincoln County Sheriff.

Sheriff Jeff Jaeger has been a positive influence on his office and the community as a whole. He has dedicated the past four years to make the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office an agency this community can trust and believe in. When he took office four years ago he implemented a new mission statement and a set of core values that he emphasizes on a daily basis. He has brought members of the sheriff’s office together and encouraged a strong team effort and commitment to making this community a safer place to live.

Drugs are a concern in our community much like any other community. Sheriff Jaeger has taken a stand to fight the drug war in our community. As a result there has been a 100 percent increase in arrests relating to drug usage since he took office. There have been 10 federal indictments for felony drug charges in the past nine months. In an effort to deter future drug involvement from our youth, Sheriff Jaeger is a strong advocate of the DARE program which he remains active with through guidance and support of his DARE officers. He was instrumental in seizing a vehicle which was converted into a DARE car now used as a message to the youth of this community what can happen if you get involved in drugs.

Sheriff Jaeger implemented a case tracking system for all criminal cases to ensure each case is properly followed through the system. By implementing this system ensures victims are not forgotten about and it dramatically increases the chances of making an arrest in cases that require it. In fact the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office has seen an increase of 50 percent in case resolution according to the State Crime Information Bureau.

Budgets are on everyone’s mind and Sheriff Jaeger takes his budget seriously. He constantly strives to find ways to control costs and generate revenue for the county. He recently negotiated contracts with both Marathon and Portage counties to house their overflow of inmates. As a result, the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office anticipates a revenue increase of more than one million dollars over the next two years. He has also contracted inmate meals from a private vendor which will save more than $50,000 per year in food costs. In addition Sheriff Jaeger has implemented title 19 medical billing procedures which reduce costs and has saved the county about $102,000 since its inception. A $25 booking fee was enacted by Sheriff Jaeger for sentenced inmates which has netted the county more than $20,000 to date.

For the reasons stated and many others I strongly support Sheriff Jeff Jaeger in the upcoming election. If you as a citizen are concerned about budgets, crime reduction, and having a sheriff’s office you can believe in please vote for Sheriff Jeff Jaeger.

Tim Fischer


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