Michael L. Von Schrader, 20, Tomahawk, party to the crime of CDTP, 6 mos probation, $100 fine, $644 restitution; possess controlled substance, 1 yr probation, $100 fine.

Dustin P. Brunker, 23, Tripoli, possess controlled substance, $250 fine, 6 mos drivers license suspension.

Alisha M. DeBauche, 26, Rhinelander, resisting officer, $250 fine.

Chris L. Jahnke, 44, Merrill, OWI 3rd, $1980 fine, 90 days jail, 29 mos drivers license revocation.

Joshua J. Krause, 31, Merrill, OWI 3rd, $1231 fine, 30 days jail, 24 mos drivers license revocation.

Jason L. Albers, 27, Tomahawk, CDTP, 10 days jail concurrent to current prison sentence.

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