ACE offers free ink cartridge refills

Select ACE Hardware stores in Wisconsin and INK-O-DEM, the leader in integrated inkjet cartridge refilling and testing technology for retail and university environments, announce a new inkjet cartridge refilling service available to ACE customers in Wisconsin for the first time.

To encourage people to try inkjet refilling, Merrill Ace Hardware will be offering ink refills at no charge from July 28 to Aug. 3. People simply need to bring an empty inkjet cartridge into the store and drop it off at the counter for a complimentary refill while they shop.

Tom Price of INK-O-DEM observed, “This is a great way for people to try inkjet refills without any risk, as our ACE Hardware stores are providing complimentary refills their first week. It’s especially suitable for people who have never refilled their inkjet cartridges before now and have interest in participating in something that is environmentally responsible.”

There is a limit of one per customer during this introductory period. While about 95 percent of integrated inkjet cartridges on the market today are compatible for refills, please check the listing at for exact inkjet cartridge brand compatibility for your printer.

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