State Sen Holperin tours Historical Society Brickyard School

Bea Lebal, President of the Merrill Historical Society, announced that on Thursday, July 15, State Senator Jim Ho;perin stopped by the Merrill Historical Society’s Brickyard School Museum which annually at the Lincoln County 4-H Fair brings in approximately 3,000 visitors.

Holperin received a tour from Marie Rein, a Merrill Historical Society Board Member and one of the organizers of the Brickyard School project for the fair. Although Holperin attended school in Eagle River and was not familiar with this year’s theme, Professor Gordon and the Wisconsin School of the Air, he found the exhibit very interesting and was impressed with the work the Society is doing through the one room schoolhouse located at the Fairgrounds. Holperin also took a few moments for pictures with docents and organizers of the project.

Before he left, Holperin brought a letter of support to Lebal for the capital campaign to raise $1 million to build the Merrill Heritage & Culture Center including a contribution from him to toward the project.

Anyone wishing more information or who would like to contribute to the capital campaign can contact the Merrill Historical Society, 102 E. Third St., Merrill, WI 54452 or by telephone at 715-536-5652.

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