Lottery scam making rounds in county

Lincoln County Sheriff Jeff Jaeger is alerting the public to yet another scam in the area.

This past week a citizen contacted the sheriff to advise him that they had received a call from “Mr. Martinez of the Gaming Commission.” Mr. Martinez advised that the target had won $450,000 in the lottery. The target was then directed to call a “Howard Wallin” of Lloyd’s of London to set up an insurance policy to protect the transfer of the money. Noting that the insurance is just a few thousand dollars as compared to the windfall of $450,000, the insurance is made out to be a petty expense.

Jaeger called “Mr. Martinez” and “Howard Wallin,” both of whom hung up on the sheriff when he informed them of his investigation.

You are reminded you cannot win a contest you did not enter, nor a lottery you did not buy a ticket for, and of course when it sounds too go to be true, it is probably a scam.

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