Debit card scam hits Northcentral Wisconsin

At least two Merrill area residents and one Rhinelander resident have received telephone calls in which the caller claims to represent a financial institution, and states that there’s a problem with the individual’s ATM/Debit card. In one situation a message was left on an answering machine. When the individual attempted to return the call, she received a message stating that the number had been disconnected. Another person actually spoke with someone who asked for his card information, and a third person suspected a scam immediately because he didn’t even carry a card issued by the institution being identified.

“These things go in cycles,” said Val Mindak, President/CEO of Park City Credit Union. “With safeguards in place, such as privacy policies and the Patriot Act, asking for your information over the phone is not the way any financial institution would handle an issue with your card. We’ve also verified with our debit card services partner, Shazam, that no such calls were legitimately placed by them, nor would they, or any similar provider, ever ask for your

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