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Posting your stories is easy. Use the form below to submit a story - and remember to give it a title. Your story will appear pretty much the way you wrote it. All we ask is that you follow our guidelines and remember that we can refuse to post offensive or libelous stories. Please allow 24-48 hours for your story to appear online. There is a strict 1,000-word length limit on all stories. Finally, we sometimes pick the best of your stories to publish in the Foto News on Wednesdays. Stories that appear in the newspaper will be edited for spelling, grammar and length, and they may be rewritten to comply with our newspaper’s style guidelines. SOME POSTING SUGGESTIONS: Don’t type in all caps. Don’t write one big block of text. It will be easier to read if you break the text into paragraphs. To do that, just insert a line of space between paragraphs. At the end of your text, make sure there are not extra lines or it will show up as blank space when published.
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